Thursday, November 28, 2013

Dead World update 11/28

I was going to call this post "case of the twenty-something's", but I'm not sure if that works with what I want to say. A lot of you are probably wondering what's happening with the Dead World series, and why my page has been so quiet. Well, this is a quick post to let you all know what's going on.
So, book two in the series is about halfway done. As much as I want to, it gets hard for me to focus on a single project, so I've been working on about three different things. I think that contributes to why it's taking me a little longer to finish the second book. It's all going well though, and I'm really happy with the direction that this book is taking :)
Before I release book 2, there is a novella that comes before it. I think I've already mentioned that it is done, and it will be called "The Leftovers". Perfect for the holidays, right? lol.
So what's the hold up? Why don't I just release this novella since we're both equally anxious to get it out there? Well, self-pubbing is expensive. More so than I anticipated, to be exact. There's things I want to be sure get done, and until I can afford all of it, future releases will have to be put on hold for now.
Being completely honest, this does kind of affect how active I'll be on my page. Some of you may not be happy to hear that. I know it's a bad excuse, it's not even one for most authors, but that's me. I'm terrible at updating and keeping myself in the loop when there just isn't much going on. I'm at my best when I'm preparing for something coming up, or when there's actually things happening. Believe me, keeping present in this industry is a trait I've been trying to acquire, but I'm just not very good at it. So, I guess this is me saying I'll be on a tiny bit of a hiatus until I'm back on track. I'm still available--I always reply to any messages or emails you guys send. But as far as posts and whatnot, you may not see a lot of them right now. Please be patient with me. I promise I'm working to get this novella out as quickly as possible. My goal is the end of December or mid-January.
I thank you guys SO much for your support, and I promise that you will see something work-wise from me soon. Until then, What Remains is still available on amazon. Since it's part of the KDP program, I can't make it available on any other platforms for another few weeks. So for those of you wanting to read it on your nooks and whatnot--hang tight!!
Have a great thanksgiving everyone! Thanks for reading :)