After seeing many authors do this, I've decided that it'd be fun for me to try my hand at creating a "soundtrack" for What Remains!!
There is no order, nor is there a specific genre. When listening to music, I mainly go off of the sounds that help to inspire. Here are the main tracks that I listened to while writing this book:

7 days-DJ Shadow - The Mos Def Version from Tokyo Drift was actually what inspired the whole book. I loved the feel of the song, and I started writing immediately after I heard it. The original version inspired other scenes, like the freeway escape.

Sleigh Bells! There are too many songs to name that inspired this book, but here are the main ones:

*True Shred Guitar (there's a specific version of it that I cannot find. Will post once I do.)
*End of the Line
*Riot Rhythm
*Fugue State-Nero
*Go it Alone-Beck
*Inertia Creeps-Massive Attack
*In the House, In a Heartbeat

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