Wednesday, September 11, 2013

So, about the hiatus...


Honestly its a little weird, and I'll need to get back into the swing of things. Before I continue, let me just note that this post will be a little cryptic for the sake of keeping my privacy. This post is mostly for the people that knew me when I was published, and are a little confused with all of the changes that I'm making.
I wanted to write this post to address the fact that I've basically been M.I.A for months now. I mean, I've been here for the sake of trying to stay connected with my author friends, but I haven't put any work out, and I'm sure some of you are wondering why.
There isn't really must of a reason, and all I can blame it on is the amount of procrastination I put myself through all the time. Since I left the company that I was with last year, it's been a constant battle of whether to re-publish or not. First, I was completely set on putting my book back out there. I battled with the decision of whether to self-pub or to try and find another house. In the end, I chose to self publish, but things kept getting in the way.
Months passed, and I felt like I was at a standstill while everyone around me progressed and moved forward. It sucked, and for a few months, I really wondered if being an author was the path that I wanted to travel. I wrote/write a lot, but I kept trying to figure out if it was just a hobby, or something that I wanted to make a career of. That was a tough choice, and to be honest, it's still something that I think about from time to time. But I've decided on this, because I can't stay away from writing. My characters call out to me, and I can't even go a few days without writing or thinking about my next steps. I've always enjoyed telling stories, so I'm deciding to stick with it.

For those of you that remember my first book (again, this is me being cryptic) and are wondering what's happening with the sequel, the answer is that I don't know yet. As I write more, I learn more and get better at my craft. That was my very first work and attempt at writing a book. While I'm proud that I finished it, I'm not sure if that's my best work. I've contemplated scraping it altogether and re-writing, and the second book has been done for a long time now. But at the moment, my hearts just not into it. Maybe it will be in the future, because I love those characters so much, as well as the concept.

Now, about the alias. There were quite a few things that led to me wanting to use one, but I'll keep it simple. Mainly, I wanted the separation, not only to keep my personal life private, but also to move away from the author that I was. I want people to find new things as they come across me, and I want the freedom to branch out in my writing without having to do it as my "self". Also, I think that now is as good a time as any. I hadn't even really established myself as an author before I went M.I.A, so I figure that since I'm coming back out and trying reinventing myself, I should just start completely fresh, doing what I feel is best.

Anyway, those are the two topics that I wanted to quickly explain. I have lots more to talk about, involving my upcoming novel "What Remains", but I'll save that for the next post :)

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